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    Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums, or RVSM, is intended to reduce the current 2000 feet of vertical separation between aircraft to 1000 feet at the fuel-efficient altitudes between FL 290 and FL 410.

    RVSM is currently required in many parts of the world, including Europe, Northern Canada, the North Atlantic, the Pacific and other areas. The additional FL’s enable more aircraft to fly more time/fuel efficient profiles and provides the potential for enhanced airspace capacity. RVSM operators must receive authorization from the appropriate civil aviation authority. RVSM aircraft must meet required equipage and altitude-keeping performance standards. Operators must operate in accordance with RVSM policies/procedures applicable to the airspace where they are flying.

    This training program complies with EASA Regulation, EC 965/2012, Annex 5, Part SPA, 14 CFR 91 Appendix G Operations in RVSM Airspace and ICAO doc 7030.

    It describes the operation, limitations and requirements for flight in RVSM airspace.

    Our course covers:

    • General, History and purpose
    • Approval requirements (Operator, Aircraft, Crew)
    • Training Programmes
    • Flight Planning
    • Pre-Flight Procedures
    • Procedures prior to RVSM entry
    • In-flight Procedures
    • Contingency Procedures
    • Post flight

    Introduction to RVSM
    10 min
    10 min
    10 min
    Operating approval
    12 min
    Required equipment
    15 min
    Flight Planning
    10 min
    Pre-flight procedures
    10 min
    In-Flight Procedures
    15 min
    Post-Flight procedures
    10 min
    RTF Phraseology
    15 min
    Contingency procedures
    15 min
    Altitude Monitoring
    10 min
    Crew training
    10 min
    5 min
    RVSM Exam
    15 questions
    Once you complete the course lectures, you unlock exam (test). If you are succsseful with more then 80% a certificate will be automatically genereted (you will find the certificate in a folder "My Certificates").
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